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Thanks so much for the lesson. Rosa came out so happy and feeling like she had made massive progress  Rob Calcraft, father of Rosa Calcraft (aged 10)

Warm and welcoming studio

Situated in the heart of Belsize Park, London, home to world renowned singers, musicians and Hollywood actors, and close to one of London's most vibrant and diverse live music scenes, Camden Town, Laura Long's Vocal Studio is an easy 3 to 5 minute walk from either Belsize Park or Swiss Cottage tube stations.

Whether it's heavily focussed and demanding technique for professional singers, or for those that simply want to sing for fun, Laura offers singing lessons in London to signed and non-signed singers, musicians, actors, talented natural singers with no previous formal experience and complete beginners - some who start out with pitching problems or a lack of confidence in their abilities. Laura is passionate about working with anyone who is curious and excited about the singing voice, and sees lessons very much as a 'partnership'.

My lessons have all been about growing in confidence as a singer, thanks to Laura listening to my every need.  Mariya Mizuno, Singer, Actress

Laura aims to create a very safe and relaxed environment - believing that to be the basis for the creative and technical work required for developing the singing voice. Lessons are very much about the individual - not just in terms of vocal considerations, but also in understanding each persons specific needs, their own unique ways of learning and their aspirations. Some students, for instance, might want to switch from classical to contemporary singing, others may have found they can't sing high notes with the same ease that they used to, while others might struggle with the feeling of having two distinctly different types of voice - chest voice and head voice, with nothing in between...

The job of the singing teacher, as I see it, is to understand what makes each persons voice unique - to draw out their own distinct approach to singing - against the backdrop of known vocal tendencies.  Laura Long

Having trained and qualified in Speech Level Singing, under world class vocal tutors, Laura uses exercises that are specifically designed to subtley negotiate, strengthen or smooth any voice type – and with patience, practice and persistence, the results can be completely transforming. Laura wants students to really understand their own voice and to feel free enough to fully 'explore' it.

Along with the exercises, she uses carefully selected song material, which can be either cover songs or original material, where she combines technique with the 'musicality' of singing - to include styling, interpretation, and the 'storytelling' aspect of being a singer. Songwriters also use the lesson time to test out and develop their own songs, in genres varying from soul, pop, jazz, blues, rock, country etc.

I came to Laura with some sketchy melody ideas and half-written lyrics that I would be embarrassed to share with anyone. With Laura's critical ear and encouragement, within 12 months I have completed more than a dozen songs which I am proud to call my own and which I am happy to perform.  Michael Ussher

Laura performs regularly herself, and actively encourages students in their development outside of the studio with gigging and performance, and has been a regular judge for Live & Unsigned UK and OPEN MIC UK. She has also played guitar in the Voxbox Singing Studio's house band, which supports the development of upcoming artists.

Laura also works with actors, often in the lead up and preparation for auditions for musical roles.

Laura works as much on song interpretation as she does on the technicalities of singing. Knowing how to act a song as well as sing it is invaluable audition preparation. After an hour with Laura I was far more confident, both in my song choice and in my ability to sing it. I would thoroughly recommend her to any actor. An excellent teacher.  Chris Adlington, Actor

Laura’s ultimate aim for each student is to be able to sing with a sense of complete freedom - for the voice to find it's full natural sound and expression - and for the singer to explore and convey the meaning of a song as honestly and as fully as possible. In short, to really enjoy singing and feel good about it, rather than worrying about it!

Laura has a teaching style which is both supportive and challenging. This mix creates a great learning environment, and a real opportunity to explore and improve the voice and its capabilities. My singing has improved a great deal under Laura's tuition, as well as my confidence levels.  Billie Waters, Jazz Singer

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Taught across the world, Speech Level Singing was originated by Seth Riggs in America, who has taught Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Annie Lennox, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Cole and Ray Charles - to name but a few. It offers an excellent approach to balancing and strengthening the voice.

In addition to Speech Level Singing, Laura Long has worked with many other excellent voice, singing and performance coaches. As well as working alongside international musicians, she draws on a wide variety of influences for teaching singing.